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Do I HAVE to be undressed for a Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage

No: Your Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage is best enjoyed while fully undressed, however you are always draped and only the areas being worked on are uncovered. The abdomen is an area which will need to be worked on in a Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage. If you choose to leave your undergarments on make sure they are able to be moved away from the abdomen.

Be sure to let your therapist know if there is any part of your body that you DO NOT want to be massaged. Our trained massage therapists strive to respect your boundaries while giving you the most therapeutic massage possible.

Benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage

Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage is a gentle soothing technique that specifically targets the lymph system to help increase lymph flow.
Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage can help reduce mild swelling.
Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage can help boost immune function.
Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage is very relaxing.

How does Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage work

In the tissue metabolic wastes and body fluids build up every day. Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage helps the lymphatic system to return this lymph fluid back to the blood supply.

The lymph vessels are open ended tubules which allow tissue fluid, larger metabolic particles and pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and mold) to be collected into the lymph nodes where the disease agents are destroyed and the lymph is cleaned.

How does Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage feel

With Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage a gentle rhythmic stretching motion is used with light pressure to help enhance the natural wave like motion of the lymph vessels to move the lymph fluid.

The pressure used in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Massage is very light. Just enough pressure is used to connect with the lymph vessels just under the skin. A slightly deeper pressure is used to access the lymph nodes and the deeper lymph pathways of the abdomen.

Care is taken to closely follow your natural lymph patterns. The LDT technique can be applied to the face, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, back and the posterior hip. The goal is to have a happier healthier you.

How to get the most out of your Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage

Try to drink two additional glasses of water per day for three day before your Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage session. This will help to flush your system of metabolic wastes and it will allow your body to be well hydrated making it easier for your body to process and release metabolic wastes.

Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage can be very helpful for post surgery or post cancer health management. Doctor referrals are required for both of the above medical conditions.

Environment at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

We strive to maintain a clean, professional spa like environment. Professionalism, quality and your comfort are our highest priorities. We combine the quality of a Therapeutic Massage Center with the environment of a spa. Our therapists focus on massage, and the quality can be felt. If you are looking for a spa like environment with a higher calibre massage, then Vi's Therapeutic Massage is the place for you.

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Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Well.

Marijo Jensen, Chief Manager
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