MFR Massage at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

MFR Massage is a greatly therapeutic massage technique that specifically targets the fascia or connective tissue of the body to increase range of motion, flexibility and function.

MFR Massage helps fight Daily activity can cause restrictions or tight areas in the muscle, fascia, connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. MFR Massage helps relieve effects of repetitive stress, the occasional strain, sprain or injury. MFR Massage helps to stretch, lengthen and open restriction in the fascia or connective tissue.

Benefits of "MFR Massage"

MFR Massage can help ease and release long standing conditions. The powerful technique of MFR Massage is gentle enough for all ages, children, seniors or persons with medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.

How does "MFR Massage" work?

When MFR Massage softens the fascia or connective tissue the result is an increase in function or range of motion in a joint, or a release of a restriction, chronically tight area, in your body.

Once the fascia or connective tissue is released or relaxed then the muscle will be better able to relax too. The application of MFR Massage allows the muscle, nerves, and blood vessels to have the room to flex and move that they were designed to.  

How "MFR Massage" will feel

The pressure used in MFR Massage is moderate or medium overall with lighter and slightly deeper as needed. Just enough pressure is used to sink into the level of the fascia or connective tissue being worked with. Surface layers are released first with lighter pressure. Moderate to slightly deeper pressure is used to access the fascia or connective tissue throughout the body. The therapist's hands are most often stretching twisting or pulling. Each technique used in MFR Massage is designed to help ease, release or relax the fascia or connective tissue.

MFR Massage at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapists at Vi's Therapeutic Massage have undergone extensive training in MFR Massage therapy. Be sure to mention that you want an MFR Massage and a massage therapist with appropriate training will be sheduled.

MFR Massage tips

If your MFR Massage is for medical reasons, be sure to get a prescription from your doctor for MFR Massage. Your MFR Massage will then be tax free. Doesn't that feel better!

Environment at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

We strive to maintain a clean, professional spa like environment. Professionalism, quality and your comfort are our highest priorities. We combine the quality of a Therapeutic Massage Center with the environment of a spa. Our therapists focus on massage, and the quality can be felt. If you are looking for a spa like environment with a higher calibre massage, then Vi's Therapeutic Massage is the place for you.

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All times and distances are approximate and may be longer during heavy traffic.

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Marijo Jensen, Chief Manager
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