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Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage can improve circulation and immune function.
Relaxation Massage can decrease stress and blood pressure.
Relaxation Massage is very soothing and nurturing allowing a time for peace of mind.
Relaxation Massage increases a sense of well being and self esteem.

How does Relaxation Massage work

All techniques applied are general, broad, feel good strokes. With Relaxation Massage the hands of the therapist are kept relaxed so they can conform to the clients body and flow gently and smoothly.

Repetition of strokes helps the body to de-stress and ease into relaxation. Oils with essential oils added can help to further your enjoyment and relaxation. By pampering your body you can really let go of your daily worries and relax.

How does Relaxation Massage feel

In Relaxation Massage the pressure used is very light. The goal is soothing and relaxing the body. All strokes are performed slowly and the emphasis is on long flowing motions. Relaxation Massage techniques are applied more at the level of the skin than muscle. All touch applied in Relaxation Massage is comforting and gentle. In Relaxation Massage strokes are applied in a routine with more or less repetition as required by a clients body.

How to get the most out of your Relaxation Massage

It's beneficial if you close your eyes, breath deeply (slow, even, deep breaths). Take personal inventory of what areas you are carrying tension, then give each area a moment to relax. Let your therapist know what areas need work. If you are too warm or too cold, if the pressure is too heavy or consistently too light please let your therapist know, they will do their best to adjust to your preferences. Let your mind rest, we will take care of your body.

Do I HAVE to be undressed for a Relaxation Massage

No: Your Relaxation Massage is best enjoyed while fully undressed, however you are always draped and only the areas being worked on are uncovered. Be sure to let your therapist know if there is any part of your body that you DO NOT want to be massaged. Our trained massage therapists strive to respect your boundaries while giving you the most therapeutic massage possible.

Spotlight on terms and techniques 

Relaxation Massage requires the use of oil or lotion. The training I have received included Relaxation Massage with a strong basis in Esalen Massage. I have received through training in Relaxation Massage Technique. Please call today to schedule an appointment.

Environment at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

We strive to maintain a clean, professional spa like environment. Professionalism, quality and your comfort are our highest priorities. We combine the quality of a Therapeutic Massage Center with the environment of a spa. Our therapists focus on massage, and the quality can be felt. If you are looking for a spa like environment with a higher calibre massage, then Vi's Therapeutic Massage is the place for you.

Driving Distances to Vi's Therapeutic Massage:

Map to Vi's Therapeutic Massage
1077 Portland Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Downtown Minneapolis           6.6 Mi.         12 min.
University of Minnesota Mpls.  5.0 Mi.         10 min.
U of M Saint Paul              3.4 Mi.         9  min.
Downtown St. Paul              4.6 Mi.         8  min.
Roseville                      4.5 Mi.         9  min.
Shoreview                      12  Mi.         21 min.
Mendota Heights                6.5 Mi.         12 min.
Eagan                          12  Mi.         19 min.
Woodbury                       12  Mi.         20 min.

All times and distances are approximate and may be longer during heavy traffic.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Well.

Marijo Jensen, Chief Manager
Vi's Therapeutic Massage

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