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The basic idea of Swedish Massage is credited to Pehr Henrik Ling 1776-1839, his technique was called Medical Gymnastics, the Ling System or the Swedish Movement Cure. The main techniques he applied were stretches done alone, or performed with another person with assistance (help moving through range of motion) or with resistance (restraint while going through range of motion).

The second major contributor to what we know today as Swedish Massage was Dr. Johann Mazger 1839-1909. He is credited with introducing the use of hands on or manual techniques to improve health. He introduced the terms and techniques of Effleurage (flowing strokes), Pettrissage (kneading) and Tapotement (tapping). He was able to convince the medical community of the positive effects of Swedish Massage.

Swedish Massage also has two additional techniques commonly applied called Vibration and Nerve Stroke. The goals of Swedish Massage are to release muscle tension, increase blood flow to tissues and increase range of motion for joints to optimum.

All strokes in Swedish Massage are performed toward the heart or following the return blood flow. The pressure applied is moderate to deeper to connect with and relax muscle tissue.

Do I HAVE to be undressed for a Swedish Massage

No: Your Swedish Massage is best enjoyed while fully undressed, however you are always draped and only the areas being worked on are uncovered. Be sure to let your therapist know if there is any part of your body that you DO NOT want to be massaged. Our trained massage therapists strive to respect your boundaries while giving you the most therapeutic massage possible.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is excellent for gently increasing range of motion and overall health of joints and muscles. Swedish Massage can help release muscular adhesions and ease muscular spasm and pain. Swedish Massage can provide a renewed sense of vitality and well being.

How does Swedish Massage work

Stretches help to lengthen muscles and restore range of motion to joints. Hands on techniques help to revitalize muscle with renewed blood flow. The nervous system is soothed allowing the body to de-stress.

How does Swedish Massage feel

The pace of a Swedish Massage is generally faster or more up-tempo. A Swedish Massage is a soothing yet invigorating. The pressure applied is moderate overall. A specific order to the techniques applied is followed: Effleurage, Pettrissage, Tapotement, Vibration then Nerve Stoke.

Spotlight on terms and techniques 

Effleurage (flowing strokes) – This massage technique consists of flowing gliding strokes toward the heart. The path of the muscle is followed toward the heart. These strokes help to improve circulation and increase the blood flow to muscle tissue.

Pettrissage (kneading) – This massage technique involves lifting and wringing motions to release muscle over contraction (knots) or adhesions by creating a horizontal or lateral stretch. Other variations of Pettrissage include cross fiber and circular friction. On areas of tension the muscle is moved against the deeper structures of the body (bones and deeper muscles).

Tapotement (tapping) – This technique is also called percussion. Often this massage technique is displayed humorously in television programs. The screen goes something like the following. The client talking with while the massage therapist applies tapotement to their back. The resulting “H-H-E-E-L-L-L-O-O-O-O” as their voice breaks with each tap. This is a soothing technique that can help to reintegrate an area of the body after a massage. This technique can also help to relieve or break up congestion in the lungs.

Vibration – This massage technique is applied to specific areas of the body that are under contracted or hypotonic (muscle weakness, fatigue or too little muscle tone). The massage therapist moves their hand back and forth very quickly. The idea is that vibration is a stimulating and energizing technique.

Nerve Stroke- This is an ending stroke used in Swedish Massage. It is either one firm stroke of several lighter strokes. The idea is to sooth the nervous system after the work in a particular area is complete.

I have received through training in Swedish Massage Technique. Swedish Massage is an invigorating style of massage that may help you keep fit and active. Please call today to schedule an appointment.

Environment at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

We strive to maintain a clean, professional spa like environment. Professionalism, quality and your comfort are our highest priorities. We combine the quality of a Therapeutic Massage Center with the environment of a spa. Our therapists focus on massage, and the quality can be felt. If you are looking for a spa like environment with a higher calibre massage, then Vi's Therapeutic Massage is the place for you.

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Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Well.

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