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What is a Trigger Point?

A Trigger Point is an area of muscle which is knotted or contracted very tightly. This may cause muscle ache, spasm, fatigue or weakness, and referred pain especially when pressed. Trigger Point tension restricts blood flow and nerve input going to the area.

What signs indicate you have a Trigger Point?

Achy sore muscle or muscles feeling tight
Muscle numbness or weakness
Reduced range of motion
Referred pain (feeling of pain elsewhere when the T. P. is pressed)

Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy Massage

Trigger Point Therapy Massage is excellent for releasing hypertonic (over contracted) muscles. Trigger Point Therapy Massage can help release long standing tension and ease muscular spasm and pain. Trigger Point Therapy Massage can provide a deep relief for sore achy muscles.

How does Trigger Point Therapy Massage work

Trigger Point Therapy Massage is a technique which uses nerve inhibition to ease tension (point holding on tender sore achy areas). When the body becomes tense muscle contraction occurs. This tension could be from stress or injury. If the tension does not go away with time, stretching or care the Pain Spasm Pain cycle can take over. The original tension causes pain which results in the brain sending signals to the muscle to remain tight (guard). The continuing tension again causes pain and the cycle continues pain tension pain or Pain Spasm Pain.

How will Trigger Point Therapy Massage will feel

As you exhale your body naturally relaxes slightly. Trigger Point Therapy Massage enhances this natural relaxation response. You will be asked to take a deep breath and the pressure applied will follow your breath. As your muscle relaxes the pressure applied remains the same but the technique can go deeper and greater relaxation can be achieved.

With Trigger Point Therapy Massage specific pointed pressure is applied to knotted, tight areas. The pressure is held steady for approximately 30 seconds. This holding restricts blood flow and nerve input to the area. The goal is to reset and relax the muscle tissue and end the Pain Spasm Pain cycle. When the pressure is released the area is flooded with fresh blood to help ease and relax the muscle.

With Trigger Point Therapy Massage care must be exercised not to apply too much pressure. Trigger Point Therapy Massage is often integrated into a Deep Tissue Massage. It is very important when deep work is applied that the client let the therapist know if the pressure is ever too heavy or consistently too light.

Do I HAVE to be undressed for a Trigger Point Massage

No: Your Trigger Point Therapy Massage is best enjoyed while fully undressed, however you are always draped and only the areas being worked on are uncovered. Be sure to let your therapist know if there is any part of your body that you DO NOT want to be massaged. Our trained massage therapists strive to respect your boundaries while giving you the most therapeutic massage possible.

I have received thorough training in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. Many of the therapists at the Massage center have also. Please call today to schedule an appointment.

Environment at Vi's Therapeutic Massage

We strive to maintain a clean, professional spa like environment. Professionalism, quality and your comfort are our highest priorities. We combine the quality of a Therapeutic Massage Center with the environment of a spa. Our therapists focus on massage, and the quality can be felt. If you are looking for a spa like environment with a higher calibre massage, then Vi's Therapeutic Massage is the place for you.

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